Sharp Shooter

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Sharp Shooter Slot

The Sharp Shooters is a unique casino table game created by 1×2 Gaming that can only be found online but we imagine it would be fun to play in a brick and mortar casino as well. This is a very easy game to play and is available for free play to all players.  The chip values start at 0.01 and go up to 100 but the minimum bet is 10. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this is a Mobile Friendly game and it plays equally well on your home computer and on on your mobile devices.

The play starts when you select your chip, place your Ante and click the roll button. The Croupier then throws 3 Dice and it is you goal to clear all three dice with three or less rolls of your own dice.  You then get to throw (roll) your own 3 dice and if your dice match any of the Croupier’s dice they they are dimmed out which indicate they are removed. Each roll of your dice will clear only one instance of croupier dice.

The ultimate win is to remove all the croupier’s dice with your first roll and if you do so you will be paid out 8/1 on your bet. If you clear the dice with two rolls you will be paid out 7/5 on your bet and if it takes three rolls then it is 1/2 which means you actually lose half of your bet. If you are unable to clear the croupier’s dice in three rolls then you loose your bet.

As simple as this game sounds we found it to be very entertaining and the fact that it also works on our smartphones and tablets was a big plus.  The Sharp Shooter has a sister game called the Six Shooter which is very similar but the croupier throws 6 Dice and the payouts are higher. Like all of our games you can play this for free on the site or you can play the Sharp Shooter casino game for real winnings at the Slots Million Casino which you can easily join by clicking here!