Pai Gow Poker Game Review

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Decks: 1
Cards: 52 + 1 Joker
Ties: Dealer Wins
House Commission: 5%
Re-Bet: Yes
Difficulty Level: Medium
Speed : Fast
Ease of Layout: A+
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker brings to mind a complicated and ancient Chinese card game and that cannot be further from the truth. Today’s Pai Gow Poker game which can be found in most land based casinos and online casinos was created in a Southern California Card Club back in 1985. Although it is very popular among Asian players you will find a huge global following for this online poker game. Our review is of the internet Pai Gow Poker game by Realtime Gaming which plays beautifully on your desktop computer and is available to players worldwide.

The game plays exactly as it does at any table in Las Vegas. The game requires skill because the player must decide how to split the hand but this adds to the excitement and makes it a much more enjoyable poker game. We assume for this review you know the basic play of the game and we will go over the general rules. The RTG Pai Gow Poker game is played with a 53 card deck, a normal 52 card deck plus one Joker, and is played one on one with the Player against the Dealer.

The game begins with the Player making a bet, the minimum bet is $5 per hand and the maximum is $100.The player and dealer are dealt 7 cards each all face down (the player of course can see his cards) and they both divide their cards into two hands, the Highest Hand (5 cards) and the Second Highest (2 hands). The main rule is that the second hand cannot be higher than the highest hand that is why it is called the Highest Hand. The Joker can substitute as any card to complete a straight, flush, straight flush or a royal flush, otherwise it is an Ace.

The hand plays out as any standard poker hand with the exception that the straight containing 1-2-3-4-5 is the second highest ranking straight. The Pai Gow Poker hand is played out just like in any land based casino, if the dealer wins both hands they win the bet, if the Player wins both hands then the player collects the bet minus a 5% fee to the house. If the hands split the bet is a push. If a hand ties between the Dealer and the Player then the Dealer wins that hand.

Our review team loves this Pai Gow Poker as it plays just like it would if you were in a real casino. Do not be afraid of this game, it is fun, it is exciting and the house advantage is about equal to that of a European Roulette table. You can play this game now for free by clicking here!