Let'em Ride Poker Review

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Players: 1
Hands: 1
Royal Flush: 1000 – 1
Straight Flush: 200 – 1
4 Of a Kind: 50 – 1
Full House: 8 – 1
Min: Pair of 10’s
Re-Bet: Yes
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Let’em Ride Poker

Let em Ride Poker is the name of the Let it Ride game created by Realtime Gaming. It plays by the exact same table rules and payout rates as you would find on any casino table in Las Vegas. This poker game is one of first “New” style poker games where the player is betting that the community hand will equal 10’s or better (a pair of Tens). Winning hands are paid out according to the payout chart with the highest being a royal flush at 1000:1. The payout is based on the value of the hand with a winning pair paying out at 1:1 and increases to 3:1 for three of a kind and goes up to 1000:1 for a Royal Flush. The game also has a progressive jackpot which is a side bet of $1 for a chance at the jackpot which is won with a Royal Flush.

Let em Ride Poker is one of the easiest Poker games to play because you are betting only on the results of a single hand. The table is laid out similar to a land based Let it Ride table and you have three betting areas in front of you the Ante, Raise and Raise circles. The Progressive play button is to the right and clicking it collects a $1 bet and includes you in the progressive game.

The Player starts by putting up the Ante bet which has a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $120. The first three cards are dealt face up and the Player then has a choice to Raise (place an equal Ante bet) on the second circle or he can click Continue which bypasses the bet and a fourth card is dealt face up. The Player again has a choice to Raise or Continue and the final card is dealt and poker hand is decided. A winning hand of 10’s or better is then paid out accordingly. The progressive jackpot play is also awarded at this time.

A very loose strategy in this game is to only raise if your initial 3 cards include a pair of 10’s or better or are 3 cards into a straight flush. Few people play strictly to this rule and this is probably why the casinos like this game so much. Let’ Em Ride Poker is an extremely fun and exciting poker game and the online version plays fantastic on your desktop computer. You can play the Let’em Ride poker for free by clicking here.