Joker Poker 10 Hand Game Review

Joker Poker 10 hand video PokerPlay Now casino games

Players: 1
Hands: 10
Seq Royal: 20000 – 1
Royal Flush: 4000 – 1
5 Of a Kind: 750 – 1
Royal w/Joker: 400 – 1
Straight Flush : 250 – 1
4 Of a Kind: 100 – 1
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Joker Poker 10 Hand Game Review

Joker Poker is one of the most popular of the wild variations to the traditional Jacks or Better video poker game and the online version from Realtime Gaming has been a big hit with the players. This game plays exactly as it does if you were sitting at a video poker machine in any brick and mortar casino. This is the 10 hand (multi-hand) version of the game which means you actually get to play 10 hands of your original hand all at once.

The good thing is that your coin values start as low as 5 cents per coin or all the way up to $5 per coin for the high rollers so there is a style of play for everybody. The game plays just like a standard video poker game but they have added a single Joker which can substitute for any other card. This has therefore changed the payout tables significantly so that the minimum winning hand in this game is a pair of Kings or higher.

As a Multi-hand video poker game you are in fact playing 10 hands at one time. After the initial deal you will select the cards you wish to hold and click the Draw button. Then game will then deal out 10 new hands all holding your selected cards. The machine then will tally your wins from all of the hands. The wins are color coded to easily show you what hand were the winning hands.

Adding a Joker alters the strategy and the payout charts of a traditional Jacks or Better game. One of the most common mistakes a player makes while playing Joker Poker is to keep two pair when one of the pairs is a high pair being Kings or Aces. As the payouts are the same for both the high pair and two pair it is a better play to discard the smaller pair.. This Joker Poker game has an exciting twist, get a sequential Royal Flush (suited 10-J-Q-K-Ace in a row) and win an instant 20000 coins! The game graphics are big and crisp and you will be surprised how fast the cards are dealt. You have to play this game to really appreciate how good it is.

We like this game because it plays fast, you can customize the settings to your style and it is available to all players. Playing 10 hands at once surely increases the excitement and the risk. The Sequential Jackpot of 20000 coins really adds to the experience. We recommend you try the game for yourself which you can play for free by clicking here.