Why Join an Online Casino?

Why Join an Online Casino?

By Brian Grady
Internet Consultant
Tuesday September 27, 2016

all star slots casino at www.casinogames.comI  will use the Drake Casino as an example of what is available within the doors of a well run online casino, we are using Drake as an example but there are many other well run casinos offering similar services, you only need to look  around to find one of your own choosing.

Drake Casino uses the Betsoft Gaming suite of games and is available to players from around the world including those folks living in the United States.  They have what we are looking for when choosing a place to “hang out” and play online.  The casino has a VIP club (Drake Club), a rewards program, special free spin promotions, tournaments and a newsletter.

A VIP Club is great reason for joining a casino, everybody wants to be in the club and you really don’t know how cool it is until you are in!  The Drake club gives you an instant reward just for joining (10% reload bonus on all deposits) and has a point system which you can use to advance to higher club levels like Gold or Diamond.  You earn points by playing certain game types like slots or taking advantage of the special Daily Promotions.  The higher your Club Level the greater your bonus rewards.  Players get comps from the land based casinos and they should also get comps from the online casinos, you just have to ask or enroll to get them.

Welcome bonuses are a great way to try out a new online casino but they are really just the tip of the iceberg.  A well run casino knows that the key to success is to keep their customer base coming back again and again and the good casinos offer valid bonuses to their loyal players.  These can be in the form of special deposit bonuses, Free Spin offers and in some cases rebates on your losses.  Most people do not even know that these special offers exist, just like in the brick and mortar casinos membership has its privileges!

Online tournaments and special game events are a big part of being a member of an online casino.  A well run casino will  plan events such as daily, weekly or monthly tournaments to get their players more involved.  These can be Blackjack Tournaments, Slot Tournaments, Free Poker Rolls and more.  The beauty of the internet is that these events are very easy to create and the only limit is the imagination of the casino staff.  That is why it is key to try out several casinos to find the one that feels best, remember most casinos are free to join.

A newsletter may sound boring but if you have joined an active and fun online casino then their newsletter is your friend.  These are sent out only to Members and they usually contain some special offers that are not available to the general public.  The most recent newsletter from Drake Casino highlighted the release of their newest game Gypsy Rose which plays on both the desktop computers as well as on most mobile devices.  Most likely a fair percent of the people don’t even realize that they can play slots and blackjack with ease on their Tablets and Smartphones.  This newsletter also included a special double bonus offer which is available to members only in the upcoming week as well as a reminder that Tuesday is the day the automated rebates are added to the players account.

Joining an online casino is much more than finding a place to play casino games, it is truly an online community with special benefits.  Just like any social club there are some that may be for you and others not but the joining is free and easy.  One of the beauties of the internet is that you can just walk away at any time with the click of the mouse and go look for something else.

Just like in a Vegas Casino, the benefits from being a player are to take advantage of all that is freely available.  It amazes me how small a percentage of the people on the gaming floor have actually joined the casino VIP program.  Even the first time visitor to a casino will get great benefits by joining and the most loyal get free offers from free dinners, free hotel rooms and even travel credits.  With an online casino it is even easier to cash in on these.

I hope this article better explains to you why people join an online but I think the better question is why don’t more people join?  Hopefully after reading this they will better see all the great advantages that membership brings!  If you are just interested in playing online casino games you may wish to check out the site http://www.CasinoGames.com which has a wide assortment of free online casino games for both your desktop computer and your mobile devices.

Good Luck and Have Fun,

The Casino Games Team

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