European Roulette – Sheriff Gaming

The European Roulette game from Sheriff Gaming is designed to accommodate every type of player (except US sorry) in that it is designed to be easily played by the casual roulette player and it has an expert  mode built into the game.  The chip values range from $0.10 up to $1 and the minimum straight bet minimum is 10 cents and the maximum straight bet is $10 ($, €, £).  The maximum bets on the Outside bets are $100.

This game can be played instantly for free right from this page (click chips in the game image) or you can create a gaming account and collect a free welcome bonus and play for real chips!  The European Roulette game plays exactly as any roulette game you will find in a brick and mortar casino. You can easily place all the standard bets (Inside and Outside) you would expect to find on any roulette table including:

The Outside Bet  consist of your larger group of numbers including Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18, 19-36, First 12, Second 12  Third 12 and the Column Bets.  As these hold a larger sequence of numbers the payout odds are less.  The Inside Bet consists of smaller groupings of numbers and includes these betting options; Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Five number and your Six number bets.  The more exotic bets can also be placed with the click of the mouse including: Series 5/8, Orphans, Series  0/2/3 and Zero Spiel.

The Expert mode is something special created by Sheriff Gaming and it allows you to customize and save your unique spread of bets to your own control panel.  This saves the repeat player lots of time by being able to place predetermined bets with the click of a key. Many of the standard bets like Orphans or Red Splits can be tied to a single key.

We found the European Roulette game from Sheriff to be one of the most customized and easy to use online roulette games that we have tested.  You can easily make your bets, save your bets and change your bets in real time.  The game played flawlessly and the ability to create and save your own personal settings (you must have a real account to do so) is extremely appealing to the savvy player.

Play the game yourself instantly by clicking and placing your chips right on the table below.  If you are ready to try out all the features and play for real chips you can collect a free welcome bonus from one of the trusted online casinos at the bottom of this page.

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INSTANT PLAY Click the SPIN button
Players: 1
Numbers: 0-36
US Friendly: No
Exotic Bets: Yes
Inside Bets: Yes
Outside Bets: Yes
Expert Mode: Yes
Repeat Bet: Yes
Mobile and Tablets: Yes
Software: Sheriff Gaming
Max Outside Bet: $100
Max Straight Bet: $10
Minimum chip: $0.10
Maximum chip: $1.00
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