European Roulette

European RoulettePlay Now casino games

Players: 1
Numbers: 0 -36
Red/Black: Yes
Odd/Even: Yes
Groups/Columns: Yes
Street/Corner: Yes
Mobile and Tablets: No
Exotics: Yes
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

European Roulette

Roulette games come in all levels of complexity and this one we would rate as one of the easiest to play. European Roulette is different from American Roulette in that the wheel includes only a single green zero whereas the American Roulette wheel contains both a single and a double green zeros. There are also more exotic bets available on a European Roulette table. Since there are only 37 numbers on the European wheel versus 38 on the American wheel the house edge is much lower for this game and therefore better for the player!

The game begins with the player selecting the value of the the chips where the minimum chip value is $0.25 (25 Cents) and the maximum chip value is $25. The minimum table bet is $0.25 and the maximum table bet is $200. The player than goes ahead and places his chips on the table and the bets fall into two groups, the Inside Bets and the Outside Bets. As the bets are placed the total amount bet per group is calculated and displayed. This way the player can keep track of how much they are betting per spin of the wheel.

The Outside Bet consist of your larger group of numbers including Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18, 19-36, First 12, Second 12 Third 12 and the Column Bets. As these hold a larger sequence of numbers the payout odds are less. The maximum total bet on Outside wagers is $100.

The Inside Bet consists of smaller groupings of numbers and includes these betting options; Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Five number and your Six number bets. The more exotic bets can also be placed with the click of the mouse including: Neighbor Bet, Series 5/8, Orphans, Series 0/2/3 and Zero Spiel. These wagers typically have a higher payout rate and the maximum table bets for Inside wagers is also $100.

Once the bets are placed the player selects Spin the wheel is put into play, the winning number is determined and the winners are paid accordingly. There is a lot of flexibility in this game in that the player can alter the value of the chips as they place their bets. They could bet a $1 chip on a single number then change the value to a $25 chip and bet on the Even or the Odd. If they want to cancel a bet they just right click that chip. They also have a repeat button so they can replay their last spin.

The European Roulette game from RTG is very straight forward and easy to play and we think that is very appealing. You can play this game online for free by clicking here!