Epic Gems 


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Epic Gems Slot

The Epic Gems casino game is an entirely new type of game and it really appeals to the true gambler. This exciting game is all about pushing the limit so see how lucky you really are. The game play is very simple, you decide how much you wish to bet by clicking or touching the + or – symbols and then you hit play.

The thrill starts as you begin selecting or swiping from the 40 Gems of which 4 contain bombs.  With you first 5 selections you will earn 10% of your bet amount and for your 6-11 selections you will earn 25% of your wager amount. If you are really bold then you will earn 50% on your 11-15 picks and for the real risk takers you will earn 100% for each selection past 15.  At any time you can click or or touch the collect button and receive your winning if however if you select one of the four mines you will lose and forfeit you bet plus any potential winnings.  This is an entirely different type of casino game and it is quickly becoming a casino favorite.

The Epic Gems game is very exciting and plays on both your home computer and on your mobile devices.  This Mobile Friendly game is very new and it one of the most exciting new games to hit the online casino industry in quite some time. You can play this game for free at the CasinoGames.com site or for real cash winnings at the Betsson Casino which is currently offering all new members a very generous Free Welcome Bonus.  Click Here to join!