Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Review

Deuces Wild video PokerPlay Now casino games

Players: 1
Hands: 1
Royal Flush: 4000 – 1
4 Deuces: 1000 – 1
Wild Royal w/2: 125 – 1
5 Of a Kind: 75 – 1
Straight Flush : 45 – 1
4 Of a Kind: 20 – 1
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Deuces Wild Video Poker Review

Deuces Wild is one of the most popular video poker games and has been a big hit in the online casinos. The game developed by Realtime Gaming plays exactly like the one you would find in any land based casino, the only thing missing is the friendly bartender with free drinks.

Deuces Wild brings a whole new level of excitement to Video Poker and this game can be enjoyed by all because the coin minimum is as low as 5 cents and can go all the way up to $5. Deuces Wild video poker brings on a whole new strategy of how to play and is very different from the traditional Jacks or Better game but one thing remains constant, always play the maximum chips in order to hit the jackpot of 4000 coins with a Royal Flush. Main thing to remember is that the Deuces (2’s) are wild and can substitute for any other card.

A few tips while playing this game is to remember that the minimum winning hand is three of a kind so two pair is not worth anything so the standard rule is throw away your lowest pair. The strategy is all about getting a royal flush because even 4 of a kind has a low payout of 4:1. In Deuces Wild there are 4 wild cards which really change the dynamics of the game.

Our review team liked this game because it plays fast and fair and it is assessable to all players around the world. After every winning hand you are offered the opportunity to double your bet by picking a card higher than the dealers. We recommend you try the game yourself by clicking here.