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Living in the Decade of Knowledge

Living in the Decade of Knowledge

The team is always looking for interesting free gaming articles and things we thing our visitors will find interesting and we just added this article titled “Living in the Decade of Knowledge” which is a feel good article to make you appreciate the times we are living in.

Prior to 1989 most of us were not connected to the internet nor were there that many websites available to even find even if you were connected. There are many things that were necessary to get us to the Decade of Knowledge, which we are only half way into, but by 2010 the three main components Digitized Content (Websites) a Delivery Network (Internet) and a Communication Device (Smartphones, Tablets, Computers…) came all together to make this amazing wealth of information freely available to the world. Click here to see why we are right now living in the Deckade of Knowledge.

We are so fortunate to be living in this time because at no point in the history of man has so much valuable information been easily and readily available to the common man. Estimates put the number of online websites to be over 1 Billion Sites and hundreds of more being added every day. Take a few minutes to check out our Articles Section and feel free to share them with your friends.

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