Casino Hold'em Poker Game Review

Casino Hold'em PokerPlay Now casino games

Decks: Shoe
Players: 1
Dealer Qualify: Pair of 4’s +
Bonus Bet: Pair of Aces +
Royal Flush: 100 – 1
Straight Flush: 20 – 1
Full House : 3 – 1
Re-Bet: Yes
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Net Entertainment

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a version of Texas Holdem that has been developed by the folks at Net Entertainment. This is a fast paced and easy to play online poker game that provides hours of fun. The Casino Holdem game plays exactly the same way as a standard table game you can find in any brick and mortar casino . The game is in the format of the Dealer vs Player and the player has an option of placing a bonus bet.

The play begins with the dealer placing and Ante Bet (up to $100) and the option to place a bonus bet (up to $50) and then selects deal. The hands are dealt with 2 down to the dealer and 2 up to the Player and a three card flop which is dealt up in the middle. The middle cards are community cards shared by both the Dealer and Player.

At this point the player needs to decide whether to Fold or to Raise which is equal to 2X the original Ante. The rules of the game is the dealer needs to qualify with a pair of 4’s or better to play the hand out, if the dealer does not qualify and the player raises the Player wins the Ante and the hand Raise bet is a push. A simple rule of thumb is to Raise only if you have a pair of fours or better after the initial flop. If the player Raises the hand is then played out and the winners are paid out.

The Bonus Bet is a completely separate bet. The bet is that the Player’s initial hand (player’s 2 cards plus flop) will contain a hand equal to a pair of Aces or higher. If the hand meets this requirement the Player wins this bet and is paid at 1-1. If the hand is equal or higher than a flush then the Player is paid out 25:1 on the Bonus Bet. The Bonus Bet is paid our regardless of the outcome of the Dealer vs the Player contest.

Our review team enjoyed playing the Casino Hold’em Poker games as it plays just like it would if you were in Vegas style casino. You can play this game online for free by clicking here.