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The Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most popular played poker games in both brick and mortar casinos and now online and that is because it is so easy to play.  This game from Realtime Gaming plays just the same if you were sitting at a table in Vegas.  The minimum bet is only $1 and the maximum is $500 so there is a level for all players.  As an RTG game we know this Stud Poker plays fair and it available to players from around the world including those folks in the United States as this is a USA Friendly game.

You start the game by clicking a chip and hitting deal, the hand is dealt as 5 up cards to the player and 4 down cards to the dealer plus one up card.  This game is played between the Dealer and the Player and the player has a choice of playing the progressive for $1 before every deal.  After the cards are dealt the player has their only decision to make and that is to Fold or Raise. If the player decides to raise he creates a new bet called the Raise Bet which is equal to double the Ante amount, if the player folds he loses his Ante and a new hand begins.  Although there are books written on proper strategy there are some guidelines to make your play easy and keep the house edge down to a minimum.

The Dealer needs to have and Ace + King or higher hand to play and if they do not meet this then the player will win the Ante bet and the Raise bet is a push.  The simple strategy is to only Raise with an Ace+ King or higher hand while some make it even easier and only raise if they have a pair or better.

The bonus payouts are where the real money is made and that comes in the form of the Raise Payouts and the Progressive Payouts.  The Raise Payout chart which you can find on any table shows you how much you will win for specific types of hands.  For example a Royal Flush will pay out 100:1, a Full House 7:1 and a straight 4:1.  Keep in mind the Raise Payout only applies to the Raise Bet, the dealer must qualify and the player must beat the dealer in order to collect.  A win on an Ante bet is always paid out at 1:1

The Progressive Payout table is also shown on every Stud Poker table (or computer screen) and a player joins the progressive game by clicking the progressive button which initiates a $1 bet.  The progressive payout is a bet that the player will be dealt a Flush hand or higher and if that takes place they will win a progressive bonus which ranges from $75 up to the Progressive Jackpot which is displayed at the top of the screen.

The Caribbean Stud Poker is available to all players as it is a USA Friendly and a Mobile Friendly game which means you can play this game anywhere you have an internet connection. It plays great on your home computer and on your smartphone and tablets so if you are connected then you can play! The best way to play this slot is to register for free for at an online casino such as Clubworld Casino, as a member you will gain access to their entire suite of games which your can play for free or for real cash winnings. All new members to Clubworld receive a Free Casino Bonus just for joining.