Caribbean Hold’em Poker – RTG

The Caribbean Hold’em Poker game from Real Time Gaming is an exciting online poker game that you can play instantly (see below). This game plays just as if you were sitting at a Hold’Em table in Las Vegas including the option to play for the Progressive Jackpot for just a $1!  As an RTG game it is available to players from around the world including the folks living in the United States.

The Caribbean Hold’em game is the Player vs Dealer in head to head play.  You begin by selecting your bet ($1 Min/$500 Max) and select deal, you can also opt in for the $1 progressive jackpot before dealing.  The hands are deal with 2 down to the dealer and 2 up to the Player and the three card flop which is dealt up.

At this point the player needs to decide whether to Fold or to Raise which is equal to 2X the original Ante.  The rules of the game is the dealer needs to qualify with a pair of 4’s or better to play the hand out, if the dealer does not qualify the player raises the Player wins the Ante and the hand Raise bet is a push.  A simple rule of thumb is to Raise only if you have a pair of fours or better after the initial flop. If the player Raises the hand is then played out and the winners are paid out.

The Progressive Jackpot is really what makes this game exciting and even though it may not be the smart money bet it sure is fun when you win!  The Progressive is a simple $1 bet you can make before hitting the deal button and it gives you a chance at winning the progressive jackpot which is displayed at the top of the screen.  The payouts for the progressive are displayed below.  The Progressive bet is a completely separate bet from your original wager and are guaranteed regardless if you win or lose the original bet.

Our review team loved the Caribbean Hold’em Poker game because it is available to all players including those in the United States and because we could play the game instantly online for free.  You can play instantly below or if you are ready to play for real winnings you can take advantage of the great free welcome bonuses below.

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INSTANT PLAY Click a Chip to start
Decks: Shoe
Players: 1
Dealer Qualify: Pair 4’s+
Progressive: Yes
Royal Flush: 100% Jackpot
Straight Flush: 10% Jackpot
4 Of a Kind: $500
Full House: $100
Flush: $75
Free Play: Yes
US Players: Yes
Software: Real Time Gaming
Minimum Bet: $1.00
Maximum Bet: $500.00
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