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Shoes: 1
Players: 1
Player Bet: 1-1 payout
Banker Bet: 19-20 payout
Tie: 8-1 payout
Perfect Pair: 30-1
Coloured Pair: 10-1
Mixed Pair: 5-1
Live Dealer: Yes
Software: Vuetec
US Players: Yes
Minimum Bet: 0.50
Minimum Chip: 0.01
Maximum Chip: 1000
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Baccarat also known Punto Banco has the reputation of being a complicated elitist casino game played only by the rich and famous. With the introduction of mini baccarat and now online casinos the game of Baccarat is popular with all players worldwide. Live Baccarat which is played online using a live Croupier is second to only Live Roulette in the world of internet gaming.

The game of Baccarat is one of the easiest of all casino table games to play. There is no strategy to learn, or counting or systems you simply select whether you think the outcome of a hand dealt will be won by the Dealer, the Player or result in a tie. There is also the side bet called Pairs which is optional bet.

The game begins with the player making a betting selection, the chip values start at .01 and go up to 1000 and the minimum player bet is .50. If you wish to play the Pair bet the minimum for that is 1.00. The game is played worldwide and the most common currencies are $, € and £.

In this game the croupier deals two hands on the table one to an area marked Player (Punto) and the other to the area marked as Banker (Banko). Within these areas you are able to place your bets either for the Player to win the Hand or the Bank to win the hand, in between these two is an area marked Tie where you can bet that the two hands will result in a tie. These are 3 separate bets and only one can win so you should never bet in more than one area at a a time.

Due to the rules of play each area has a different chance of winning so your payout odds are as follows. If you win betting on the player you are paid out at 1:1, if you win betting on the bank you win 19:20 and if you win betting on the tie you earn 8:1.

The Pair side bet, very similar to the Blackack side bet called Pair Square is a completely separate bet and you can make it by placing your chip within the Player Pair or the Banker Pair area. The bet minimum is 1.00 and you win this by getting a pair on the draw of the first two cards of the hand. The payout is dependent on the type of pair you get. A Perfect Pair is the exact card twice such as the 7 Diamonds + 7 Diamonds and this will be paid out at 30:1. A Coloured Pair is a match of two cards of the same color such as the 7 Diamonds + 7 Hearts (both red) which pays out at 10:1. A Mixed Pair is just that, a 7 Diamonds + 7 Clubs which pays out at 5:1. The side bet has nothing to do with the outcome of the original bet. You must make an original bet in order to place a side bet.

Keep in mind, once you select on what you are betting on your work is done; you don’t make any decisions on taking additional cards as it is all automatically played by the rules of the game. The dealer plays out the hand according to the rules and pays out or collects the bets. In a typical casino a baccarat table has 9 player seats and the dealer deals from the center using a shoe.

The rules behind the dealing of a Baccarat hand is intricate and they are displayed clearly on any game table whether in a casino or on your computer screen or smart phones, yes this game has gone mobile. Bottom line is you don’t have to do anything to enjoy this game but select a winning hand. Baccarat is no longer a game just for royalty or the likes of James Bond. Everybody can go online by clicking her and play the game for free. If you want to play for real chips, open an account using one of the generous bonus offers below.

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