American Blackjack Game Review

American BlackjackPlay Now casino games

Players: 1
Decks: 6 Deck Shoe
Blackjack Pays: 3 – 2
Insurance: 2 – 1
Double Down: Yes
Split: Yes
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Re-Bet: Yes
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Betsoft Gaming

American Blackjack Review

American Blackjack is one of the first fully functional mobile Blackjack game. Here you can play online blackjack for free on most Tablets and Smartphones. The game playes equally well on Apple, Android and Windows devices. This game has all the excitement of a Las Vegas Blackjack table, you can Hit, Stand, Double Down and Split on certain hands. You can even buy insurance in the event the dealer draws an Ace.

Blackjack has historically had some of the lowest house odds in any casino which means you have the best opportunity to walk away as a winner! This is the American Blackjack version which means cards are dealt from a 6 deck shoe and the dealer has to hit on a soft 17. These rules are knows as “Las Vegas Strip” rules and include: Player double down on a 10 or 11, Split any pair (if pair is Aces can only draw 1 card into each split), insurance is offered when dealer shows and Ace.

The standard payouts are: Blackjack 3/2, Win 1/1 and with insurance the player wins 2/1. The game is played between Dealer and the player so other players have no influence on the game. We feel this is an excellent online version of how a real blackjack game is played and is an easy way to sharpen your blackjack playing skills

Our review team thinks the American Blackjack game from Betsoft is one of the best online blackjack games on the internet. It works great on your iPad, Android and Apple devices and it is available to players from all over the world. We think you will like it as well and you can play for free online by clicking here.